How to Choose A PC Case?

This is a guide to choosing the right PC Gaming Cases for custom gaming PC builds. The computer case houses and protects all of your expensive and high-performance components, so it is a good idea to choose a case for its performance. quality and reliability.

It is an essential component of a good gaming pc.

This article explains what to look for when choosing a case for your new gaming machine. You can have all the best components in your computer, but without a good case to house them, you might run into problems.

How To Choose A PC Case

What size for my case?

The first thing you need to know about gaming computer cases is that they differ in size. You will need a case large enough to store all of your components, with room for future upgrades.

The most common size is ATX Mid-Tower which offers enough space for a typical gaming PC build. If you need even more room or have special needs for your gaming PC, you may need an ATX Full-Tower chassis instead.

Motherboard compatibility

Most of you already know this, but your case should be able to fit your motherboard. All motherboards have what’s called a “form factor,” which is a size standard that manufacturers follow.

The most common form factor is ATX. So if you have an ATX motherboard, which is more than likely, then you should choose a case that supports an ATX motherboard.

Cooling and ventilation of the computer chassis

A decent gaming PC case will have at least one quality fan for the proper airflow to cool your system and also fan ports for additional fans if you need to add more.

You don’t want your valuable components to overheat and risk getting damaged, so getting a case that is known for its good cooling is a good idea, especially for a high-performance build.

In addition, if you want to move towards water-cooling, you need a large and spacious chassis inside.


The appearance of your gaming PC case may be important to some of you, and if so, choose one that you like the design of and because you will generally keep your case for a long time.

Some cases also come with cool extra features like LED lighting, and many are made with a clear side panel which is impressive when the build is in place and in operation.

Drive bays

An important thing to control is the number and size of the berries. Computer enclosures come with a different number of bays depending on the model, and you will need 5 ″ 1/2 bays for your CD / DVD and Blu-ray drives as well as your internal HDDs or 3 ″ bays.

1/2 for SSD drives. Most chassis on the market these days are full of features and usually have enough bays in them anyway, but check if you have some needs.

Cable management

Cable management is another factor to consider when choosing computer gaming enclosures. Some cases are easier to deal with and offer better cable management than others.

So if this is important to you, choose a chassis known for its ease of internal access.

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