The mouse is what helped the users in the era of personal computers, including the graphical user interface (GUI) that we all take for granted. The right mouse will make a difference in your computing experience.

Among the features to consider are the size and shape (not all mouses are ideal for all hands), whether it is for left- or right-handed (or both), additional buttons or scroll wheels to improve navigation or automation, and the precision of its monitoring. Casual users won’t care as much about precision, but someone who does precision work like image editing will want a mouse with high-resolution tracking.

Computer mouses are available in wired or wireless versions. The main advantage of wireless is the same: one less cable on the desk. And one less USB port on the computer. Most of today’s wireless mice use built-in batteries that charge via USB, and can also be used while connected with a USB cable; some use replaceable AA batteries. A wired mouse is usually less expensive and you don’t have to worry about charging or batteries

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