Often overlooked, the motherboard is one of the most important components of a computer. Many buyers focus only on the performance of their machine (processor, graphics card) but are not aware of the role that the motherboard plays, particularly with regard to the stability and scalability of the machine. In this motherboard comparison, we first give important information for choosing a motherboard before recommending models classified by socket and budget.

Chipset: is the main element of a motherboard is what is called the chipset: its role is to interconnect the various components (processor, memory, graphics card, etc.)

Equipment: The expansion possibilities, as well as the integrated elements, are also to watch out for when buying a motherboard.

Best Z370 Motherboards For Gaming Motherboards

Best Z370 Motherboards For Gaming

Do you enjoy playing with the latest hardware? Maybe you appreciate overclocking your motherboard for high-resolution graphics and maximum FPS on your favorite titles? Whatever the case, 2021 has arrived...

Best X470 Motherboards Motherboards

Best X470 Motherboards

The AMD X470 chipset is currently the most powerful chipset AMD has to offer, so it is specifically designed for overclocking. Unsurprisingly, there is a wide range of motherboards that...

Best Gaming Motherboards Motherboards

Best Gaming Motherboards

A motherboard performs the function of a column in a computer system and is compatible with all components of the system. The motherboards not used to be so popular a...

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