Having the right keyboard makes a big difference in typing speed and accuracy. It can be an important competitive advantage when it comes to playing. The keyboard also makes a big difference in the noise you make when using your computer, really! Typing can be almost silent or drive people around you crazy with its noise.

Features to consider before purchasing include backlighting, adjustable tilt, key shape and size, and whether you need a full-size keyboard with a numeric keypad or something more compact. There are also several important options that are worth exploring in more detail.

In general, wired keyboards tend to be cheaper, at least the entry-level models. They connect to the PC with a USB cable (make sure the cable is long enough for your setup) and have the advantage of not having to worry about batteries.

Wireless keyboards are very popular because they eliminate the USB cable that would otherwise clutter the desktop. Most use Bluetooth connectivity, but some connect via a small 2.4 GHz USB receiver. Power is typical via built-in batteries (which are charged with a USB cable), but some wireless keyboards still use AA batteries.

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