Best Razer Mouse

Razer specializes in making great gaming accessories, and their mice are no exception.

Their products are usually fairly well built and offer good performance and customization options.

If you’re looking for a good gaming mouse, you probably won’t go wrong with most of Razer’s options.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate – Best Razer Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate - Best Razer Mouse

The best Razer mouse we’ve tested so far is the Razer Viper Ultimate.

This wireless gaming mouse is quite small and short, and is very suitable for people who use a finger or claw grip.

It has two side buttons on either side of the mouse for additional input, and the mouse feels very responsive thanks to its low click latency, whether used wired or wireless.

The mouse is fully customizable within the Razer Synapse software and features RGB lighting.

Unfortunately, people with large hands may have trouble getting good control of this mouse due to its short body.

On the other hand, the mouse is very light, which should please FPS gamers looking for a very well-built mouse that is still fast and accurate.

Also, the mouse comes with a nice charging station that also has RGB lighting. If you need to charge the mouse but still want to use it, you can, and the new Razer cable is lightweight and creates no drag when moved, which is a nice improvement over previous mice.

If you are more of a palm-fighter, there is an ergo-shaped alternative, the Razer Basilisk Ultimate.

Main features :

  • Connectivity : Wireless
  • Type : Standard

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2. Razer Naga Trinity Pro – BEST WIRELESS RAZER MOUSE


The best Razer gaming mouse with the most versatility we’ve tested so far is the Razer Naga Trinity.

This wired mouse has a unique design that comes with three interchangeable side panels so you can customize your mouse based on the type of game you are playing.

The mouse has between 10 and 20 programmable buttons, depending on the panel you use.

It has one dedicated to MMOs, one for MOBAs, and one that is more suitable for FPS.

Although the mouse is suitable for people with large hands, unfortunately those with small hands may have trouble reaching some buttons no matter what type of grip they use.

The cable is just decent too, as it’s pretty stiff and stiff and holds the folds of your packaging.

On the plus side, it has a wide adjustable CPI range, and its click latency is one of the lowest we’ve ever measured.

Overall, this mouse is great whether you play MMOs and want a lot of programmable buttons, or something with a simpler two side button layout.

The interchangeable panels hold up very well and are very sturdy, and the ability to quickly swap out makes it great if you play a wide variety of games.

Main features :

  • Connectivity : Cable
  • Type : Standard



The best budget Razer mouse we’ve tested so far is the Razer Viper Mini.

Its shape and design are practically identical to the Razer Viper Ultimate, but a little smaller and with a cable design.

This mouse works great for the price with its excellent sensor and low click latency.

It feels precise and responsive, as well as being very light due to its size.

Plus, it features full RGB lighting and the build quality is excellent for such an affordable mouse.

Some users with larger hands might want to see the original Razer Viper wired mouse as the Mini version might be a bit small

However, as it is one of the newer Razer mice, it has a new and improved cable that is lightweight and does not bend like the original.

Main features :

  • Connectivity : Cable
  • Type : Standard

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