Best Motherboard For i5-9600K

Intel’s latest i5 offering, the i5-9600K, is a very popular choice for mid-range builds and offers impressive performance for a respectable price, looking to surpass the Ryzen 5 2600X as the king of value chipsets in the world. 2019.

Many new builders often decide between i7-8700K previous generation or the i5-9600K of the current generation, and despite not having the highest of the core i7-9700K and the number of threads, still provides great performance and certainly worth considering.

Best Motherboard For I5-9600K

If you’ve settled on an i5-9600K for your next build, then it’s important that you pick a suitable motherboard to house the processor and pick one depending on what you’ll be using it for, whether it’s hard overclocking, feature-rich, or perhaps a small form factor (mini ITX) construction.

For starters, you’ll want to narrow down your motherboard selection to just Z370 or Z390 chipsets (be sure to update your BIOS first), the main difference of the two being that the Z390 is basically an updated version of the Z370 chipset, with the addition of USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports and VNVi support.

This article is part of a series in which we offer our top motherboard recommendations for different processors, such as the i7-9700K and i9-9900K .

1. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro – Best Motherboard For I5-9600K

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro - Best Motherboard For I5-9600K

When it comes to Z390 motherboards, Gigabyte has nailed their Z390 lineup for this generation of processors, with some really impressive VRM quality decent cooling as well as plenty of overclocking features, this is the brand we would recommend when looking for an overclocking motherboard decent for the i5-9600K. Gigabyte for Z390 gives you the best chance to beat 5Ghz OC with ease.

The best investment for your motherboard for OC’ing the i5-9600K is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro, which has decent quality VRM and VRM cooling heat pipes, as well as for M.2 drives, something that the AORUS Elite a little cheaper does not have to have. Specs-wise, the Z390 Aorus Pro features everything you could want in 2019: RGB, USB Type-C header, dual BIOS, and Intel Optane support.

All in all, in terms of price-performance ratio, the Asus Z390 Aorus Pro is hands down the best motherboard for i5-9600k overclock builds, easily outperforming i5-9600K builds beyond the 5Ghz OC.

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2. Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X – Best Budget Motherboard for i5-9600K

Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X - Best Budget Motherboard for i5-9600K

The best budget motherboard for the i5-9600K also comes from Gigabyte with the Z390 Gaming X; They’ve really nailed it with their Z390 lineup this year in terms of delivering fantastic performance for such a respectable price.

We do not recommend opting for a cheaper Z390 motherboard than the Z390 Gaming X if you are planning to overclock the i5-9600K as anything cheaper will have a sub-par VRM and probably won’t even have heat sinks for that. VRM do it. provide sufficient cooling.

The Z390 Gaming X features a 10 + 2 phase design and supports Thunderbolt 3, RGB lighting, and dual M.2. – as well as the usual features you see on Z390 boards (USB 3.1 Gen 2 headers).

This is by far the best budget motherboard for the i5-9600K that is still very capable despite its low price.

3. Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi – Best Mid Range Motherboard for i5-9600K

Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi - Best Mid Range Motherboard for i5-9600K

The winner of the OC’ing the 9500K award also wins the best value motherboard for the i5-9600K, and this is the Gigabyte AORUS Z390 Pro WiFi.

For most chipsets, the ASRock Taichi series has nailed it in terms of features, but for the Z390 generation, Gigabyte is simply doing a superior job in terms of quality and VRM features. The AORUS Z390 Pro offers a host of features at a great price, including:

  • Stellar VRM, M.2 heatsinks and cooling
  • More heads and connectors than other Z390 brands
  • RGB header
  • Dual M.2
  • USB type C
  • Smart fan
  • Integrated GbE WiFi

4. Gigabyte Z390 M – Best High End Motherboard for i5-9600K

Gigabyte Z390 M - Best High End Motherboard for i5-9600K

For the Z390 generation of motherboards, there aren’t really a lot of Micro-ATX motherboards for the i5-9600K that provide decent performance at a reasonable price.

With that said, one of the few mATX motherboards for the i5-9600K that has decent VRM build and cooling comes from the impressive Gigabyte range of Z390 motherboards, and this is the Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming.

This micro-ATX motherboard is built with a 10 + 2 phase VRM design and provides enough VRM cooling to allow for i5-9600K overclocks with ease, as well as many features that you would expect to see on high-end boards in 2019.

USB This motherboard It includes 4 type-C fan headers, dual M.2, and many builders even use this motherboard to house the i9-9900K, so it really is a testament to the quality of this motherboard.

5. ASRock Z390 Phantom – Best Micro ATX Motherboard for i5-9600K

ASRock Z390 Phantom - Best Micro ATX Motherboard for i5-9600K

There is one ITX motherboard that really stands out in the Z390 chipset range, and that is the ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX / ac, a remarkable and capable motherboard at a really competitive price.

The ASRock outperforms the competition in the mini ITX form factor with better VRM quality and cooling with functional VRM heatsinks, enabling superior power delivery to the i5-9600K and its components.

As for features, the ASRock really goes to town with Thunderbolt 3, Dual M.2 connectivity. slots, Wireless GbE, as well as OC functions like a transparent external CMOS on the back.

Overclocked the i5-9600K with an ITX setup, this is the mini-ITX motherboard to pair with the i5-9600K, hands down.For those looking to build an SFF build with the i5-9600K, here are some great ITX case options.

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