Best keyboards For Programming

If you’re a programmer (or aspire to be), a good keyboard is one of the most essential tools in your kit. It is your primary means of interfacing with your computer, and the difference between the best keyboards for programming and the best keyboard for programming can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to compiling your code.

After all, the quality of an artist depends on the quality of their tools, and HotRate is here to help you understand not only what the best keyboards for programming are, but what qualities make them great.

That’s why we haven’t just compiled reviews of the 10 best keyboards for programming in 2021. We’ve also created a dedicated guide to influencing your buying process.

Kinesis Advantage2 – Best keyboards For Programming

Kinesis Advantage2 - Best keyboards For Programming

Chances are you’ve never seen a keyboard as unique as the Kinesis Advantage2 in your life, but its affordability makes it an attractive prospect if you’re looking to try something new. And while it takes a while to get used to the concave hollows that the keys are in, the ergonomic design is built from the ground up to relieve strain on your fingers and prevent cramping Butnomics here.

All keys can be reprogrammed with new macros and custom layouts using compatible free software. If you want a keyboard that will still make you feel good after hours spent in front of the computer and that can be fully customized to meet your needs, the

  • On-the-fly macros allow adjustable delays
  • Cherry MX red or brown switches offer 50 million keys
  • Ergonomics designed to reduce typing stress

Das Keyboard 4 – best coding keyboard

Das Keyboard 4 - best coding keyboard

You have to look a long way to find a coding keyboard that has better business sense than the Das 4 keyboard. While it isn’t cheap, it does offer some serious features that powerful coders will love. It is notably equipped with a reliable anti-ghosting system, an N key flip system, and a removable magnetic footer.

But the coolest thing here is undoubtedly the two-port USB hub which can facilitate speeds of up to 5Gbps. Beyond that, the build is just phenomenal. The sturdy aluminum frame of this mechanical keyboard combines with the top tablet’s Brown Cherry MX switches to form a tactile, precise keyboard that is built to withstand some damage.

  • Includes a two-port USB 3.0 hub
  • Capable of withstanding over 50 million keystrokes
  • Dedicated media controls and integrated volume knob
  • Uses high-quality Cherry MX Brown switches

Microsoft Sculpt – best keyboards for programmers

Microsoft Sculpt - best keyboards for programmers

Microsoft may be best known for its software and Windows operating system these days, but they continue to produce modern, well-designed hardware over the years. Microsoft’s Sculpt features an ergonomic design that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the wrists, creating one of the most comfortable postures you can find.

And the stand-alone numeric keypad lets you tailor your keyboard layout to your business needs. It might not be an absolutely full-featured keyboard, but it is one of the best looking and most comfortable options for a programmer.

  • Open-end wrench set securely supports your wrists
  • Wrist rest is cushioned to reduce wrist stress
  • Comes with a full, stand-alone numeric keypad
  • The layout of the keys conforms to the natural position of your fingers
  • Membrane keypad caps are almost silent

Logitech G513 RGB – Best Full Sized Keyboard For Programming

Logitech G513 RGB - Best Full Sized Keyboard For Programming

The RGB color of Logitech’s keyboard is perhaps its most obvious selling point, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice by not paying attention to the solid foundations of this gaming model. The brushed aluminum frame looks sleek. while providing an intense level of durability to the entire keyboard, while the USB pass-through is a smart addition that will help you neatly install a mouse or other peripherals without ending up with a mess of cables.

And then there are the high-quality Romer G mechanical keys that deliver an incredibly satisfying level of tactile response and solid refresh feedback.

  • Highly customizable full-spectrum RGB backlighting
  • Memory foam wrist rest is both strong and flexible
  • Mechanical switches with up to 25% faster responsiveness
  • Constructed of very durable brushed aluminum alloy

Das Keyboard 4 – Best Compact Keyboard For Programming

Das Keyboard 4 - Best Compact Keyboard For Programming

If you like the professional sensitivity of the Das Keyboard 4 but find it a bit rich for your blood, you should check out the Das Keyboard Model S. It comes in at around two-thirds the price and still offers a high-end professional experience in an unpretentious design.

Whether you’re looking for the quiet operation of Cherry MX blue or the click-pleasing blue, you’ll find mechanical switches perfectly suited to your preferences. And the two-port USB hub makes it very easy to sync or charge a mouse or a variety of different peripherals right on this keyboard. Keep in mind that this is a mechanical keyboard specifically designed for Mac,

  • Two types of Cherry MX switches available
  • Five keys to turn for fast typists
  • Well-placed special media keys
  • Laser engraved keycaps resist fading

Elite razor hunters – best mechanical keyboard for programmers

Elite razor hunters - best mechanical keyboard for programmers

The Huntsman Elite might be a keyboard for gamers, but if there’s one thing Razer is known for, it’s the quality of its gaming peripherals. What if the bright, programmable RGB lighting can look slick? The basic principles here are well suited to the needs of programmers.

Razer has designed a new optomechanical switch for its mechanical keys, and while it doesn’t have a reputation for being the best in its class, Cherry MX is a very good switch that’s pleasant to the touch and quieter than most equivalent keys on the market. There is even an ergonomic wrist rest to help with your condition.

  • Optical actuation lets you type blindly
  • The wrist rest offers support while being very comfortable
  • Brand new switches that are great to work with
  • Key stabilizer provides a better sense of balance when typing

CORSAIR K63 wireless – Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Programming

CORSAIR K63 wireless - Best Ergonomic Keyboard For Programming

With the K63, Corsair has created a keyboard that is an obvious contender for the best programming keyboard in its price range. Razer Best keyboards For Programming remain the best option when looking for customizable lighting, but this model still offers an extensive choice of color options that allow for almost limitless combinations.

This keyboard also has some great programming features, especially considering that you can get this keyboard for around $ 100. This includes a USB port for a dedicated mouse or headset as well as the ability to store up to three different macro and lighting profiles directly on this keyboard’s memory.

  • Virtually endless lighting combinations per key
  • Can save up to three macro presentations in the on-board memory
  • USB pass-through makes it easy to plug in a mouse
  • Incredibly light and designed for travel

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch 2 – Best Keyboard For Programming With Macro Keys

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch 2 - Best Keyboard For Programming With Macro Keys

If you like the sound of a solidly built keyboard that eschews the glaring extravagance of Best keyboards For Programming like those from Razer, you’ll want to review the USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2’s value. This keyboard might not be from a major manufacturer, but it deserves your attention right now.

There aren’t a lot of special features, but it’s a keyboard that earns its value by offering some of the best builds and most fundamentally sound designs on the market today. Blue, red, black, and brown Cherry MX keys are all available. So you can get a version of this keyboard that matches your own typing preferences, whatever they may be.

  • Four different types of switches are available
  • Unique font for all caps, clean and easy to read
  • A sustainable design that is not too ostentatious
  • Compact and easy to take along

Cool Master SGB 3040 – best mechanical keyboards for programming

Cool Master SGB 3040 - best mechanical keyboards for programming

If you’re looking for the best keyboard for a given budget, there’s a strong case for the SGB-3040-KKMF1-US. Cooler Master has been one of the most trusted mechanical keyboard manufacturers around, and it can meet your needs for under a hundred dollars, whether you’re looking for a Mac or Windows type mechanical keyboard.

It supports 26-key anti-ghosting as well as on-the-fly controls. And while it doesn’t offer the key-by-key lighting options found in the Best keyboards For Programming, it does offer respectable flexibility with its six zones.

  • Keyboard and mouse together for under $ 60
  • A quality model from a respected brand
  • Anti-ghosting for up to 26 keys
  • 8 RBG effects programmed on 6 different keyboard zones

Fujitsu Happy – Best Budget Keyboard For Programming

Fujitsu Happy - Best Budget Keyboard For Programming

Most of the best programming keyboards are designed for the needs of gamers first and can be re-engineered to meet the special demands of writing code, but the Happy Hacking keyboard was designed by programmers to meet their specific needs. , which makes it an indisputable contender for the best model.

The Electrostatic Capacitive Switch is designed to deliver the best of mechanical and membrane Best keyboards For Programming by providing a satisfying sense of response while minimizing sound more than a mechanical keyboard typically does. And it manages to pack all the functionality of a 101-key keyboard into a 60-key model. It may be straightforward in its design and execution, but that’s quite the point.

  • A very efficient and simplistic keyboard
  • Smart features let you get the most out of your keys
  • Ergonomic design for longer coding sessions
  • Plastic + PBT keys minimize the risk of discoloration

Best keyboards For Programming – Buyer’s Guide

So what is the difference between the best coding keyboard and a more traditional keyboard? The best will always be a subjective thing, and the best coding keyboard will often be found to be made primarily for gaming or professional work. Read on to find out what qualities make a great coding keyboard, and how to find the right choice for your career. We will walk you through the important features and also give you answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Keyboard type

There are two main types of Best keyboards For Programming to consider when looking for a coded keypad: mechanical and membrane. A mechanical keyboard will be the best choice for most programmers, but that doesn’t mean membranes don’t have their own advantage. We’ll walk you through the basics of both types of keyboards so you can better understand how they work.

The best mechanical keyboards for programming are very analogous. Each key sits on top of a switch that, when pressed, physically transmits the signal with each keypress. In this respect, they are similar to typewriters. The tactile response feel is greater when working with a mechanical keyboard, which a lot of people like, and the switch-based design is well suited for fast typists as there is no need to press the key is pressed all the way, and you are less likely to have a keypress not being recorded. This is especially important for coders, as a single minor error can be difficult to identify. Mechanical keyboards also promise heavier and more robust build quality.

The lightness of membrane best keyboards for programming will certainly appeal to some people. They are much more portable and are a great choice if you want to work from anywhere. They’re also more affordable and much quieter than mechanical keyboards, which produce a loud but satisfying click. But they do have a shorter lifespan, and the relatively low key role means they don’t always register a keypress, which creates a frustrating risk of error.

Type of exchange

If you opt for a mechanical keyboard, there are several switches to choose from. The most popular mechanical switches are those from the Cherry RX brand. While there are a few other alternatives, we will focus on the different varieties of MX as they feature high on our item list and are generally considered to be the best models in the business. Many best keyboards for programming also allows you to choose which switches you want to be included in your keyboard.


Encoders spend most of their time in front of a keyboard, so it is important to ensure that the keyboard is comfortable to use when typing for long periods of time. The Kinesis Advantage2 and the Microsoft Sculpt both have very innovative designs that offer great ergonomics. Other than that, look for the best keyboards for programming that has palm rests and other features that can take the strain off your wrists and hands.


Gamers and coders have a lot of common needs, and there are two specific features to look out for that are popular in the gaming community. The first is the backlight. Good backlighting allows you to type more accurately at night and in other dark situations, and they just happen to look pretty cool doing it. Many best keyboards for programming allows you to customize your coloring based on individual areas or keys.

Many gaming keyboards also have advanced macro controls. Given the monotony that often comes with coding and the high level of frustration that even simple mistakes can cause, macros are a great choice. They allow you to automate some of your most common scripts and navigate complex menus in your IDE with the push of a button.

Best keyboards For Programming – FAQ’s

Do programmers type fast?

It honestly depends on the programmer, but the point is that lightning-fast typing speed is not needed for coding. In fact, they can be a handicap. Professional typists can usually hit a typing speed of 50 to 70 wpm, and this is a plus as they often transcribe content or record relatively simple thoughts that occur to them. A decent 40wpm typing speed should be enough for most encoders.

Are mechanical keyboards good for programming?

Yes! In fact, mechanical keyboards are arguably the best keyboards for programming. This is because these keyboards are designed to have a better sense of tactile feedback. Since accuracy is more important than speed when coding, having a keyboard that lets you intuitively know that every keystroke is recorded when you press the button can help you avoid missed keystrokes and save you the trouble of knowing every keystroke is recorded when you press the button. have to track down errors afterward.

Are gaming keyboards good for programming?

Gaming keyboards are among the best options for programmers. Highly precise keys are a big plus for gamers and programmers, and macros that allow professional gamers to perform better can also be a big plus when writing code. If you're ready to spend the money, gaming models should be the first place to look when looking for a programming keyboard.

Is a Numpad required for programming?

Usually no. That's not to say that programmers (especially those who work with a lot of data) don't need to have access to numbers, but the idea of a dedicated number pad is going to be overkill for most programmers. But like anything, your mileage can vary.


These best keyboards for programming we’ve reviewed represent the best of the best models for programmers, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only options available to you. We hope you find what you’re looking for here, but if you want to expand your network a little further, be sure to check out our guide to the best gaming keyboards of 2020.

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