Best Budget Toumei mini projectors

Technology keeps evolving and devices that once had limited options have now become High Tech items. Among the devices that are constantly evolving, there are Best Budget Toumei mini projectors. If before, we could only buy large models, now brands also offer reduced models: mini projectors. These devices are portable and easy to use.


They offer a considerable advantage in the field of film projection, games, or professional projection, as they are able to perform the same role as a normal, large addition, these devices are now easy to find and come with varying prices. So no matter what your budget, you will be able to buy one of these devices. You can buy them online, on sites like Toumei for example.

If you do not know this brand, we invite you to follow this buying guide which will tell you about it in detail.

Toumei C800S Android 7.1 – Best Budget Toumei mini projectors

Mini projector Toumei C800S Best Budget Toumei mini projectors


Project exceptional images to live new and unique experiences. The Toumei C800S Android 7.1 mini projector will give you vivid images thanks to the LED light engine and 100 lumens instruments.

Added to this is a resolution of 854×480 pixels and a contrast ratio of 2000: 1. This mini projector accepts USB devices. You can directly play your videos or images directly via a USB stick. Built-in speakers to hear the sounds and music of your videos. It is also possible to add external speakers if necessary. You can use it as an outdoor theater. A mini tripod is provided for more stability.

All devices with HDMI are compatible with Toumei C800S projector. The lifespan of the LED is 30,000 hours, reducing power consumption by up to 30%. The size of the projection is around 30 to 120 inches for a distance of 1 to 3 meters. The automatic keystone distortion correction comes in handy every time. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi, HDMI and USB connections.


  • vivid images thanks to its lighting engine
  • USB device
  • LED lifespan 30,000 hours
  • Saves energy
  • Automatic keystone distortion correction
  • Clear and vibrant images for your projections
  • short projection distance: only 3 meters

TOUMEI K1 Android 7.1 – toumei mini projector

TOUMEI K1 mini projector Best Budget Toumei mini projectors


The Toumei K1 mini projector features advanced DLP technology for a 70% brighter image of 3000 lumens. With this performance, it can compete with high-end projectors on the market. Its native 960×540 resolution gives it a full HD 1080P image.

Crisp images and videos, a real treat for the eyes. The maximum projection size of this mini projector is 300 inches. It’s big enough to make it a cinema in your home for the whole family to enjoy thanks to the Airplay function. The projection distance can be up to 6 meters. It is equipped with internal speakers which give excellent sound quality.

But if you want more sound power you can add external speakers. This mini K1 projector has a 32 GB memory with an integrated game store giving access to free and paid applications. Media playback is thus more fluid. Like the other ranges of Best Budget Toumei mini projectors from the Toumei brand, it also has a dual WiFi 2 4G / 5 G.


  • 70% brighter images
  • 32GB memory with game store
  • full HD resolution
  • Full HD 1080P image with 300 inch projection size
  • large projection distance 6 meters
  • it also has a dual Wifi 2 4G / 5G
  • A bit heavy compared to other mini projectors

TOUMEI T5 pico projector – Best toumei mini projector

TOUMEI T5 pico projector
TOUMEI T5 pico projector


The Toumei T5 is a mini projector with a compact design. It is also called a pico projector for its size and ultra-flat design with a thickness of 22 mm. It’s ideal for taking it wherever you go. It fits perfectly in your satchel and is discreetly placed on a shelf.

The image quality is at the top, this mini projector has a resolution of 1080P and 4K at 200 ANSI lumens. It will also make you enjoy domestic and outdoor 3D cinema. The size of the projected images and videos is 30 to 300 inches with a contrast of 1000: 1. You can project the images and videos up to 6 meters away.

The Toumei T5 pico projector is a built-in dual Wifi 2 4G / 5G which facilitates the wireless connection. Concretely, the videos will not have any jerk when playing.


  • super flat, light, and compact design
  • 1080P and 4K image resolution
  • Large projection distance of up to 6 meters
  • Enjoy 3D cinema indoors and outdoors
  • Application download thanks to free click and google play app store
  • High picture quality: 1080P and 4K
  • The weight is felt if you take it every day

Best Toumei mini projectors

Customers who buy a mini projector are conventional households who like to enjoy the quality of a home theater or video game. Professionals are also the first to buy this kind of device, because it allows them to have a tool to make a quick presentation.

Best Budget Toumei mini projectors is portable, which is why customers like them more compared to large models. However, we can also look for quality models with various displays and advantages, interesting. Toumei is a brand for people demanding in terms of quality. In addition, this brand offers an excellent price to customers who visit its site.

History of the brand

Toumei or Shenzhen TouMei Technology Co is a company that was established in 2003 in Shenzhen, China. The brand specializes in the sale of DLP type projectors. There are around 5,000 projectors that are marketed at Toumei every month.

Since it is a Chinese brand, it, therefore, benefits from local production. As a result, it can obtain projectors and mini projectors at low prices from its suppliers. Thanks to this, the brand can offer its customers reduced prices on its site. Customers will just have to choose the model that interests them the most.

Why buy a Toumei mini projector

At Toumei, you can find several mini projectors. The brand even has overhead projector models. The prices on the Toumei site are very affordable. It is a site that combines quality and price for these models of portable projectors. In addition to offering quality devices, the brand also favors the design of its mini projectors.

Afterward, the models of this brand are all very light and have a size compatible with standard bags. The brand aims to provide customers with quality and affordable devices. The models are varied ranging from mini DLP Best Toumei mini projectors to models with Wi-Fi and LED lights. Whether it is for watching a good movie or for a professional projection, the devices of this brand will be able to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.

Toumei, the brand of DLP technology

Tomei is one of the few brands that offer DLP mini projectors. This technology uses a sequential display system. The display is done quickly especially for bright colors such as red for example. The Toumei mini projectors, adopting this technology, offer quality images, and excellent contrast.

In addition, there is no afterglow or pixelation. The brightness is also powerful, the adjustments are easy and the tints are very dark. Apart from that, these devices have the classic advantages like size and weight. The price is also very interesting at Toumei, unlike other sites or brands.

Toumei, the brand of interactive mini projectors

At Toumei, in addition to finding mini DLP type projectors, you can also find models adopting Smart technology. It is an interactive projection technology. This kind of projector has the possibility of ensuring a presentation for a large audience. The projection is wide and the image is of good quality.

The mini projector, adopting this technology, can be fixed to the ceiling. In addition, since it is a portable model, it can also be transported everywhere and set up on a simple table if necessary. The models, offering this kind of large presentation, are meanwhile affordable at Toumei.

Best Budget Toumei mini projectors | FAQ’s

What is a pico projector?

A pico projector is a small projector. They are mini projectors. They have the same characteristics as the latter. They are compact, light. We can therefore transport them wherever we go. They can be used in the personal context, but also in the professional field. They can therefore be used to watch a film, to play a game or to present a document or a project. These models use LED technology for the display. Due to this, they have high brightness and contrast. They are able to display an image in HD or with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 800 px.

How much does a pico projector cost in general?

A pico projector is a mini projector that can be purchased online. There is Toumei which offers it as well as other sites like Amazon, Darty, Fnac, Rue du Commerce, Le Boulanger, etc. This type of device can cost between 40 € and 100 € if it is a pico projector of infrequent use (new, entry-level models). Otherwise, it will take around 150 € budget for a quality device. If you are looking for a high-end model, you can find pico projectors that cost around $ 1000.

How to maintain a Toumei mini projector?

Projectors are delicate devices, so mini projectors are even more so. Therefore, it will be necessary to maintain them properly to avoid damaging them. These models must first be kept away from humidity. You should also protect them from dust. Therefore, they must be placed in height. In the meantime, you should use a cover to protect the device when it is not in use. If you don't have a special cover, you can simply cover the device with a simple sheet. When using it, avoid at all costs moving it or moving it from its place. Before moving the appliance, make sure that it is switched off and that it has cooled completely. You can also clean the appliance using products intended for this purpose.

What are the different kinds of mini projectors that can be found on the market?

First of all, there are the devices from different brands. Then there are various models like mini DLP projectors, tri-tube models, and mini LCD projectors. Each model has its advantages and disadvantages. A mini LCD projector is HD. Its settings are simple, the brightness is of good quality, moreover, they are affordable. However, they have low contrast. DLP models are mini projectors that use DLP technology. This allows them to have excellent contrast, a perfect display of dark and black colors. However, they have low light. Mini tri-tube projectors work with three CRTs for a high-quality display result. They are on the other hand very expensive and their settings are too complex.

How to find a mini projector at a low price?

Mini projectors are generally affordable, but if you want to buy one at a reduced price, the best way is to go to e-commerce sites. Online sales are more affordable than sales in physical stores. In addition, you will have a wide choice of models and brands. You can also find discount coupons on the net. These coupons can reduce the cost of the device you have chosen. You can copy these coupons during your shopping journey. Online, there are also promotions and destocking. You can make your purchase during these promotions to get a discounted model.

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