Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic ”is a word that comes up often in the world of keyboard design, but just because a keyboard is ergonomic doesn’t mean it will improve your gaming or work experience. Fortunately, HotRate is all about helping customers find the Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboards.

We’ve selected 10 of the best ergonomic keyboard models and provided in-depth information that anyone from hobbyists to experts can use to understand what makes these keyboard models so unique.

Read on if you want a review of the Top 10 best budget ergonomic keyboards. And scroll down the page if you’re looking for a more in-depth explanation of the features you should look for when shopping for the best ergonomic keyboard for your home or office.

Logitech MK550 – Best budget ergonomic keyboards

Logitech MK550 - Best budget ergonomic keyboards

The Logitech Wireless Wave is unlike any other ergonomic keyboard on the market, but this willingness to break the rules also makes it a contender for the best ergonomic keyboard there is. Currently available on Amazon for just under $ 50, this ergonomic keyboard also comes with a matching mouse, making it one of the best deals we’ve found.

And comfort is a big priority with this keyboard. The constantly curving layout adapts more naturally to the posture of normal people, and the integrated, padded palm rest helps you feel good when you need a little rest. This ergonomic keyboard even has three height settings so you can adjust it to suit the height and angle of your desk.

  • Spacious, padded palm rest
  • Plug and play with Windows
  • Battery life up to 3 years
  • An innovative constant curve layout
  • Sometimes low response time

Matias Ergo Pro – Best wireless ergonomic keyboard

Matias Ergo Pro - Best wireless ergonomic keyboard

The ergonomic design of the Matias is not as unique as that of the Ergonomic Wave that Logitech promotes, but it is spectacular. Fortunately, it is also very effective. The split keyboard format allows you to more easily position your keyboard in a comfortable way while giving you easy access to all keys so you can count on more efficient typing.

And to change the pace, this ergonomic keyboard uses fully mechanical keys. It’s one of the best fusions of ergonomic sensibilities and productive design we’ve come across. Each side of this ergonomic keyboard features adjustable leg supports for a more convenient typing environment.

  • Uses an optimized navigation cluster
  • The keyboard is divided into two
  • Fully mechanical key switches
  • Hit speed up to 225 WPM
  • Asking price of nearly 200 euros

Fellowes Microban Split Design – Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Fellowes Microban Split Design - Best Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

If you like the ergonomic design of Logitech’s Ergonomic Wave Keyboard but find the key design not suitable for your hands and wrists, there’s a good chance you like this keyboard from Fellowes. It features a similar design of curved keys that are designed to more naturally replicate the ergonomics of human hands, although it has a form factor of its own.

Along with providing a more comfortable typing experience, this keyboard also aims to help you be productive. It features seven shortcut keys that give you easier access to your media apps, while a 16-character buffer provides better responsiveness to top typists.

  • Includes antimicrobial protection
  • Sevenkyboard shortcuts
  • A simple, ready-to-use design
  • One of the best choices for fast typistse
  • Arrow keys are poorly designed

Microsoft Sculpt – Best Customizable Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft Sculpt - Best Customizable Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft has really been very good at hardware lately, and the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard is endemic to their newfound design sensibility. This ergonomic keyboard is designed in an elegant way, which gives it a beautiful appearance, besides its curved design, which is ideal for ergonomics. And having the Microsoft Sculpt’s numeric keypad separate from the keyboard itself is a smart move on Microsoft’s part.

In addition to spreading out the keys at a wider angle, the Microsoft Sculpt uses an embossed format that is believed to replicate the natural arc of human fingers. At the foot of the keyboard is a padded wrist rest for a more comfortable and less stressful experience. There might be a certain learning curve, but this keyboard is well worth the investment.

  • Two-piece domed key set
  • The numeric keypad is separate from the keyboard
  • A well-padded wrist rest
  • A very responsive wireless format
  • Function keys are a bit clunky

Razer Ornata Chroma – Best Wired Ergonomic Keyboard

Razer Ornata Chroma - Best Wired Ergonomic Keyboard

Razer products tend to focus on creating the most productive and efficient experience for gamers, but the Ornata attempts to combine this functionality with more comfortable ergonomics. Membrane switches strike a balance between the strength of membrane keypads and best budget ergonomic keyboards, and the comfortable magnetic, faux-leather-covered wrist rest aligns perfectly while being able to detach.

There are also player specific characteristics. All of your keys can have macros assigned with Razer’s compatible software platform, and individual key backlighting allows you to create elaborate light shows suitable for esports professionals. The lighting even automatically syncs with some of the best and most popular games around.

  • Mixture of mechanical design and membrane design
  • Comfortable magnetic wrist rest
  • All keys are fully programmable
  • Two year warranty
  • Very vulnerable to stains

Ergonomic keyboard 3 – Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboard

Ergonomic keyboard 3 - Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboard

The Adesso Tru-Form 150 takes its inspiration from the two-part design so popular in best budget ergonomic keyboards, but while it doesn’t do much new, it offers a solid foundation at one of the best prices available. With an asking price of less than $ 150, you get a comfortable, ergonomic keyboard with a gentle slope and membrane keys that run quietly and provide a lifespan of 5 million keystrokes.

But precision is just as important here as ergonomics. You have three different backlight options for typing in the dark, and the large print keys make it easy to type exactly what you want. There’s also a built-in wrist rest as well as internet and media tools spread across 20 hot keys that can be customized to your preference.

  • Three color backlight
  • 5 million keystroke lifecycle
  • Fully integrated wrist rest
  • 20 fully customizable key
  • Typing can get very loud

Kinesis Freestyle2 – Ergonomic Backlit Keyboard

Kinesis Freestyle2 - Ergonomic Backlit Keyboard

The Kinesis Freestyle2 would look like any normal keyboard, with one exception: a split keyboard. But by not using the ergonomics of an angled keyboard, the Kinesis Freestyle2 creates a smoother learning curve and allows you to transform that keyboard into a more traditional format by simply pushing the two halves together.

The emphasis on the ergonomic sensibilities of best budget ergonomic keyboards has also extended to the construction of the keys. The membrane keys of the Kinesis Freestyle2 use a low actuation force, which reduces the pressure on the fingers, hands, and wrists when typing. And Windows users will feel right at home. This keyboard is designed to mimic the positioning and format of a traditional keyboard, so you can jump into it without losing your place.

  • A blend of traditional design and split design
  • Poor tactile response key format
  • Plug and play with Windows, Chrome, and Linux
  • The easily recognizable key layout
  • Does not come with adjustable feet

Perixx Periboard 512 – Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Perixx Periboard 512 - Ergo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

If you don’t need to travel with your computer accessories, one of the best budget ergonomic keyboards is easily the Perixx Periboard-512. This two-part keyboard features a raised three-dimensional format that’s easier to use on the fingers, and the keys themselves have reduced tactile feedback, so you don’t have to hit them hard to get the results. which you need. This is a particularly good choice for faster typists.

All keycaps use a durable print to maintain their shine even after prolonged use, while the built-in wrist rest lets you type longer without getting tired. This extended size is also very useful. Not only is a full numeric keypad included, but seven multimedia keys are separate from the standard keyboard layout while still being easily accessible without tiring.

  • Includes 7 accessible shortcut keys
  • Fully integrated wrist rest
  • Durable, laser-printed keycaps
  • Backed by a 12 month warranty
  • One of the larger keyboards was used

IClever – Backlit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

IClever - Backlit Ergonomic Wireless Keyboard

The iClever keyboard truly does something supremely smart: creating an ergonomic construction for one of the most compact best budget ergonomic keyboards on the market. The form factor here is great for travel, but the angled key design means you don’t have to strain your fingers to get the typing comfort you deserve. The 160 degree design is a revelation that will make most users happy.

Best of all, it’s a wireless keyboard, which boasts some of the best battery life. It supports 40 hours of continuous typing and up to 30 days in standby mode. And because it uses a rechargeable battery, users who are keen on plugging it in will never have to worry about their keyboard turning off at an inconvenient time.

  • Incredibly compact design
  • 160 degree angled wrenches
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Above-average battery life
  • A small drawing may seem too small

Kensington Pro Fit – Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboards

Kensington Pro Fit - Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboards

Kensington brings to the table an ergonomic design that is also very affordable. For just $ 40, you can get a two-part keyboard that’s designed with comfort in mind. A wrist rest is built in to strike the right balance between stability and smoothness, and the tilt is fully adjustable to find the angle that’s right for you.

The keys here also deserve special attention. They’re designed to give you minimal drag while still allowing you to enter tactile data, and the spill-resistant design makes the process of cleaning up an accident a lot less painful. This keyboard includes the entire bank of function keys, so you don’t have to sacrifice productivity on a budget.

  • A comfortable wrist rest
  • Fully adjustable tilting feet
  • Easy to clean and spill-resistant
  • Includes all function keys
  • Lack of tactile feedback

Best Budget Ergonomic Keyboards – Buying Guide

So you’re looking for the best budget ergonomic keyboards, but you don’t know where to start? Our reviews cover all the bases, but if you need more in-depth information, we’ve got you covered. We’ll look at some of the more common features when buying a keyboard, but we’ll focus more specifically on the qualities that make up the best budget ergonomic keyboards. If you are looking for something more efficient, we suggest you take a look at our guides to the best mechanical keyboards or the best gaming keyboards.


It makes sense that the comfort of a keyboard is the most important feature to pay attention to when purchasing a keyboard. That said, different manufacturers take different approaches to ergonomics, and not everyone is going to like all of the options on offer. We will present below some of the most common approaches to ergonomics.


Wireless connectivity technology has evolved a lot over the years. Wireless keyboards and mice were once viewed with suspicion as wireless technology often involved a lag between your typing and hardware recognition, manufacturers have done a great job of making that lag virtually negligible. Input lag can be a problem for the most demanding gamers, but it won’t matter much to the average consumer.

A wireless keyboard is a great choice if you want to travel with your accessories, but the downside to a wireless keyboard is its price. While the price gap between the best budget ergonomic keyboards and wired keyboards is narrower than ever, you can still expect to pay a little more for the privilege of wireless connectivity.

Also, check if your keyboard uses rechargeable batteries or if you need to use AA or AAA batteries. The former is very handy because you will never have to replace your batteries, but they tend to offer a shorter lifespan before a recharge is necessary. That said, the best budget ergonomic keyboards last for several tens of hours of active use.

Key design

There are two main options when looking at the keys on your keyboard: mechanical models that use mechanical switches and membrane models which use printed circuit boards rather than analog and physical-mechanical switches.

best budget ergonomic keyboards tend to be more expensive, but the main distinction between them and membrane keyboards comes down to ergonomics versus precision. A mechanical keyboard records every keystroke accurately, so you don’t have to worry about missed keystrokes just because you’re a quick typist. They also provide a more distinct tactile sensation under your fingertips.

The membrane keys are less precise and they are more muscular under the fingers, but they also tend to put less strain on the fingers and wrists. But getting a mechanical keyboard doesn’t have to mean sacrificing comfort. If ergonomics is your primary concern, we suggest that you look for best budget ergonomic keyboards with a lower resistance level. This will give you the best of both worlds.


If you want to take your keyboard with you on the go, the size will be especially important. Smaller and lighter best budget ergonomic keyboards are easy to pack in your bag and on the go, but this can sometimes mean you struggle with keys that are too narrow or sacrifice extra features like the numeric keypad and function keys. Finding a size that strikes the balance between comfort and functionality is key to finding the ergonomics that are right for you.


Most best budget ergonomic keyboards come with some sort of warranty. This is usually 12 months, but some can be up to three years. The warranty can give you a sense of security, but the best way to ensure the longevity of a keyboard is to look for models that are built in a durable manner. Investing in an aluminum keyboard rather than plastic is a great way to be confident in the durability of your keyboard, but many manufacturers have also established ranking lists for the number of clicks their keys are designed to withstand.

Best Budget Ergonomic keyboards – FAQ’S

Are ergonomic keyboards really useful?

If you find yourself regularly in front of the computer, ergonomic keyboards can really help. It's important to find one that you like, but all of the keyboards on our list are designed to be comfortable and more naturally replicate the resting position of the wrist, arm, and fingers.

What is the best keyboard for carpal tunnel?

While there are a lot of great keyboards on our list, we think the most comfortable is Microsoft's Sculpt. Designed for the needs of serious professionals, this keyboard features an innovative approach to angled key design while using a slanted surface to better conform to the shape of your hands. It might take a little getting used to, but it will fit you like a glove once you get used to the format.

Should a keyboard be flat or raised?

The verdict is not yet in, but ergonomic keyboards are increasingly using raised and 3D formats to meet consumer demands. While we really love the relief designs, they won't be the most comfortable choice for everyone. You may want to consider investing in a keyboard that allows you to adjust the height of the feet to suit what you like.


Looking for the best budget ergonomic keyboards for 2021? We are convinced that the guide above gives you what you need. We’ve been diligent in not only finding the best keyboard models but also making sure our readers have the information they need to make an informed purchase. And if you like any of the models, in particular, we encourage you to give us your feedback at the bottom of this guide.

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