Best Budget Airflow Pc Case

When setting up your gaming rig, it’s easy to get carried away by the sexiest aspects, like worrying about getting the most suitable gaming GPU or the best gaming headset for your needs. and your budget. However, neglecting the need to consider the best budget airflow pc case for your platform can cause you a lot of trouble in the future.

Listen, a good Best Budget Airflow Pc Case might not make your PC run faster, but this is an important thing to consider when setting up your gaming rig. It plays a huge role in cooling. , or in the noise level of your PC, especially under load. It is also crucial for the overall aesthetics of your construction.

While some might argue that the impact of these factors is minimal on your overall gaming PC performance, I still insist that you take the time to choose the best budget airflow pc case for your build.

This is because when you invest in a quality gaming processor and attach it to a quality gaming motherboard, you don’t have to fit them into an ordinary case! And, because of those PC cases on our list of the best gaming PC cases for 2021 might still be relatively usable five years later.

To help you make the best choice when selecting the best budget airflow pc case, we have put together a comprehensive list of the best budget airflow pc case you can buy in the market. These computer cases combine rugged construction and airflow for cooling – and are perfect for any gamer looking for a quality gaming tower.

When compiling our list, we considered sizing, as you need to get a suitably sized backrest to meet your specific needs. Ventilation or airflow was also a critical factor for us – a properly ventilated gaming case ensures that your CPU and GPU don’t put a strain on your fans. Proper ventilation and cooling keep your gaming console running quieter.

Aesthetics have also been an important element for us – everyone loves beautiful gear!

It’s increasingly common to see Best Budget Airflow Pc Case with stunning tempered glass panes, and this can be a great option for you if you’re considering investing in RGB lighting.

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB – Best Budget Airflow Pc Case

Corsair Crystal 570X RGB - Best Budget Airflow Pc Case

If you want an aesthetic installation – RGB lighting and tempered glass – then the Corsair Crystal 570x RGB series has been designed for you. Featuring tempered glass panels and fans equipped with RGB lights, the Crystal Series 570X is a great mid-tower case.

The building in the middle of the tower is surrounded by four panes of tempered glass, which allows the interior of the case to be seen. It is equipped with three SP 120 RGB LED fans; however, you can increase the number of fans up to six. It is suitable for all sizes of radiators and perfectly fits a 14.5 inch GPU. It’s standard for most cases and gives you enough space to accommodate some of the larger graphics cards available.

Corsair has done an excellent job of routing cables with the Crystal Series 570X, and its integrated cable routing channels have Velcro straps, reducing incidents of cable accidents. The box is equipped with a built-in RGB controller that allows customization of the LED lighting. It is also compatible with 360mm, 280mm, 240mm and 120mm radiators.

Overall, the Crystal Series 570X is a great gaming case, and its three-point dust filter makes it easy to clean.


  • Motherboard compatibility: ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITXDX 12
  • Integrated RGB controller
  • Beautiful translucent design
  • RGB paradise
  • Decent ventilation

  • Glass panels are easily stained

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2NZXT H700i – best case under 100

2NZXT H700i - best case under 100

Released in 2017, NZXT’s H700i is the best PC choice you deserve. Using CAM software that NZXT has recently started to market, the H700i has quickly become one of the most user-friendly Best Budget Airflow Pc Case for new builders. However, it is also one of the more expensive pickaxes on the market, so it is not necessarily suitable for everyone.

An incredible number of preinstalled fans come with this gaming PC case. In addition, two RGB strips are connected to it for an amazing non-digital viewing experience. The controller you will receive with purchase is used to balance the cooling system and the noise produced by the fans. The fans will never be too loud for you, unless you have a time machine and launch a game from 2027. Then you will need to set the cooling to maximum

Did you think that was the best part? No. There are four different cable management streams on the back, which means you don’t have any clutter at all. Getting the cables to make peace with each other and become invisible was simple and enjoyable.

Again, this all comes at a price, which is why the NZXT H700i is our most expensive pick on the list.


  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Intelligent CAM Controller
  • Four pre-installed RGB fans
  • An excellent cable management system

  • Reduced space for hard drives
  • No USB-C connectivity

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Phanteks Enthoo Pro M – best atx case under 100

Phanteks Enthoo Pro M - best atx case under 100

Getting a good record doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money. The Phanteks Pro M is big business that dispels the myth that big business means big money. The Pro M is a sturdy, well-built case and it looks like it’s up to the task – thanks to its sleek interior and tempered glass side panel. The panel is brushed aluminum and gives you easy access to the fans and dust filters.

The most important advantage of the Phanteks Ethnoo Pro is its modularity, which is a nice feature considering its price. Whether you need space for your drives, GPUs, or the best CPU cooler, it can be customized to suit your specific needs. It supports 360mm radiators, and the offset radiator brackets mean there is no conflict between the radiator and memory.

Its cable routing options and Velcro straps keep your gaming gear tidy, and the large interior provides excellent airflow. It only has two fans, however – a rear exhaust fan and a front exhaust fan – but you have room to add four more.

The generous space of the Phanteks Ethnoo Pro M means you’re not limited in what you can think of when it comes to pure performance, which is why this case makes our list of our best gaming PC cases of 2021.


  • Motherboard compatibility: E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Well built
  • Excellent cable management
  • Impressive airflow

  • Only two fans included

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V21 Micro ATX – best airflow cases

V21 Micro ATX - best airflow cases

Thermaltake Core V21 Gaming Best Budget Airflow Pc Case is an M-ATX based chassis that guarantees you a powerful gaming platform. Its stackable and flexible thermal system lives up to its reputation as one of the best coolers. market air.

It is modular and allows you to customize the motherboard vertically or horizontally – depending on the orientation you prefer. It is divided into two main bedrooms; the upper chamber takes care of cooling and performance, while the lower chamber takes care of the power supply unit and drive bays.

The Core V21’s well-proportioned panels, modular fan rails, and training mounts let you play with a variety of setups, while its large ventilated panels with removable magnetic dust filters keep the interior cool and clean, thanks to the massive 200 mm front fan.

The Core V21 allows gamers to install up to six storage drives, a dual VGA expansion slot with a length of up to 350mm, a CPU cooler with a height of up to 185mm, and a high-power power supply. with a maximum reach of 200 mm.

Its extraordinary expansiveness allows this gaming case to accommodate components that can dramatically improve the performance of gaming PCs.


  • Motherboard compatibility: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Modular and stackable design
  • A nice form factor

  • Fight against cold
  • Lack of noise absorption

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Corsair Crystal 280X RGB – best computer case for airflow

Corsair Crystal 280X RGB - best computer case for airflow

The Corsair Crystal 280X is a high-level Micro-ATX PC case for gaming with a new clean design. Its three panels of tempered glass and two RGB fans give it an exceptionally pleasant look and feel.

The Crystal 280X is simply beautiful!

The concept of the dual-chamber is well constructed here, with the secondary chamber well placed and allowing you to hide the power unit, your storage drives – and most importantly – your wiring.

While it struggles to cool under heavy loads, there is plenty of room for water cooling radiators on the front and top of the Best Budget Airflow Pc Case. When it comes to cooling, you have two obvious choices

The 280X gaming Best Budget Airflow Pc Case is also designed to direct the airflow to the hottest components, without any obstruction from the drive cages. The filters are located on the front, on the housing roof, on the floor, and on the power supply.

There is room for two 3.5 ″; drives and three 2.5 ″; readers. This helps keep your gear clean without reducing the space inside the suitcase, which is essential for most players. Overall, the build quality and aesthetics of the 280X are excellent, and it doesn’t compromise on space for your components.


  • Motherboard compatibility: Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Large form factor, especially the RGB version
  • Quietly runs

  • Inventory cooling is not great

Cougar Tank EVO RGB – best airflow computer case

Cougar Tank EVO RGB - best airflow computer case

The Cougar Panzer Evo RGB dubbed the Crystalline Titan RGB by Cougar, is a great mix of tempered glass, light effects, and features. With the right temperatures and sound performance, this is a great buy for any gamer.

Standing just over 24 inches tall, the Evo RGB is an intimidating build and demands the attention of anyone in its line of sight. The carbon print, visible metal screws and all-black color combination give it a striking shape.

The three 120mm front fans and the single 120mm rear fan feature RGB lighting, which contributes to the striking profile of the Evo RGB. Besides aesthetics, the Evo is prepared for performance and a good level of functionality.

The top of the case is equipped with two handles, which makes it easy to carry. The front input/output panel houses your fan controller and four USB ports, one of which is Type-C. It is also spacious enough to accommodate up to eight storage drives – four 3.5-inch hard drives and four SSD drives -; although it can skew cable management plans.

The case is also designed to guide the airflow in order to directly hit hard drives. The Cougar Panzer Evo RGB is a must-have, and its abundance of tempered glass, sturdy construction, and customizable lighting only add to the case’s appeal.


  • Type – Full tour
  • Motherboard support: ATX, Micro -; ATX, Mini-ITX
  • Great thermal performance
  • Four quiet fans with integrated fan controller
  • Impressive RGB lighting
  • Four tempered glass panels
  • USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port
  • Good build quality

  • Expensive
  • Not true E-ATX

Riotoro CR500 – Computer cases with good airflow

Riotoro CR500 - Computer cases with good airflow

The Riotoro CR500 is a budget-friendly, yet a well-designed device that gives you enough flexibility to build a performing gaming platform. It’s not a particularly popular brand, but its excellent construction and basic cooling characteristics make it a case brand to watch out for.

The sturdy steel and glass chassis offers the perfect blend of style and durability, while its two chambers are designed to isolate heat and direct airflow to key components, especially the CPU and GPU. Its fans and heaters have custom installation points on the front and back of the case, contributing to the quiet and quiet operation of your gaming platform.

Things get awesome with Riotoro’s tool-less setup and cable management, which make it easy to customize your gaming PC. Plentiful space and the power supply that covers it helps keep everything tidy.

With prices as low as 60 euros, the CR500 is great value for money – combining superb build quality and an efficient cooling system. The Riotoro CR500 comes at an affordable price without any budget features.


  • Type – Medium Tower
  • Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX
  • Competitive price
  • Good fit and good workmanship
  • Excellent performance
  • Tempered glass side panel

  • Not a true two-chamber design
  • Case uses knockout expansion slots

NZXT H400i – pc cases with good airflow

NZXT H400i - pc cases with good airflow

The NZXT’s H400i is a miniaturized version of the H700i, one of the iconic NZXT Best Budget Airflow Pc Case. This compact body, however, has the same impact as its big brother.

It is a premium product, available in four color combinations, and has an integrated RGB controller and fan. The glass panel is a nice addition and allows you to have a panoramic view of the components – more importantly, it also allows you to showcase any LED additions you might be installing.

Cable management is also done well in this case, with plenty of room for cables to be routed logically and neatly to avoid a spaghetti junction situation. The removable radiator mount provides efficient water cooling and is a great addition to a well-built Best Budget Airflow Pc Case.

Much like the H700i, the H400i is equipped with NZXT’s Smart Device, which is powered by a CAM. The Smart Device simplifies the installation and use of RGB lighting and fans.

In summary, the H400i is the perfect balance between Micro-ATX builds and more massive towers. Its efficient cooling system, cable routing system and support for full-size components make it even more remarkable.


Type – Mini tower

Motherboard support: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX

  • Beautiful tempered glass design
  • Strong thermal performance
  • Includes RGB lighting and fan control
  • Competitive price

  • Slightly noisy at maximum fan speed
  • No front USB-C ports

NZXT H200i – Best Airflow Pc Case

NZXT H200i - Best Airflow Pc Case

If there’s one thing you give the folks at NZXT it’s that they’re a cohesive bunch. The NZXT H200i is a premium mini-ITX case that takes the latest trends in computer cases (i.e. power supply covers, tempered glass and RGB lighting control) and combines them into a compact chassis.

The case features superb aesthetics, supported by excellent construction, a variety of colors, and excellent cable management. The power supply unit is also at the top of its class. Despite its small size, the H200i enclosure offers enough room for your full-size components. It can hold graphics cards up to 12.8 ″ long and CPU air coolers up to 6.5 ″ high. While the spacing is tight compared to other cases on this list, tons of GPUs ship under 12.8 ″ long.

Why is this an important advantage?

Unlike other mini-ITX cases where you have to use a low profile graphics card, the H200i can easily accommodate a full-length graphics card.

Lastly, if you’re looking for one of the best mini-ITX gaming Best Budget Airflow Pc Case that won’t limit the performance you can get from your system, the H200i is a solid option as long as your wallet can handle its rather steep price tag.


  • Type – Mini tower
  • Motherboard Support: Mini-ITX
  • A beautiful design in tempered glass and steel
  • Strong thermal performance
  • Includes RGB lighting and fan control
  • Competitive price

  • Slightly noisy at maximum fan speed
  • No front USB-C ports
  • Top fan placement may conflict with some configurations

Dark base 700 – Best Budget Airflow Pc Case

Dark base 700 - Best Budget Airflow Pc Case

The Dark Base 700 will probably be one of the best budget airflow pc case cases you’ll ever buy. It offers plenty of room to install full-size components for high-end gaming performance. It has built-in RGB lighting that mounts to the front edges of the case and has a fan controller and tempered glass panel.

If you’ve built gaming rigs before, you’ll appreciate the cable management system and the neat nature of the PSU casing – which allows for a single 140mm suction fan on the cover itself.

Its 140mm fans are almost inaudible, and you can also fit a 360mm radiator up front while using the PSU cover and suction fan at the bottom. However, the panel itself only has a few exhaust vents on the back, which is not ideal for cooling.

The front connectors include a pair of USB 3.0 ports, a switch for the fan controller, a button to change six preset colors for the LEDs, and a USB-C port. The Dark Base 700 is a true silent masterpiece, appropriately priced and easy to use.


  • Type – Medium Tower
  • Motherboard support: E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX
  • A high quality chassis
  • Good thermal performance
  • Tempered glass side panel
  • Low noise level

  • Only two 140mm fans (three would be ideal at this price)
  • Expensive

Best Budget Airflow Pc Case – Buying Guide

The case you decide to accept will not increase your frame rates per second or your load times. However, the case will determine your gaming PC’s performance as it dictates which components you can use when building your gaming rig.

Before you decide to buy a best budget airflow pc case, here are a few things that MUST be a priority for you when considering your options.

Case size and shape factor – affects game performance

If you’re the best budget airflow pc case that struggles for space, you’re probably selling yourself short when it comes to the possibilities you can access when buying a graphics card. In general, the smaller the graphics card, the less power it delivers – however, many graphics card manufacturers have started producing their high-end GPUs in smaller formats.

You should also make sure that you clearly know which form factor you need: Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, EATX, or XL – ATX. These settings affect or somewhat influence the size of your motherboard, the size of the power supply, and the position of the power supply.

Airflow – For efficient cooling of your gaming platform

Cooling is an essential factor when reviewing a case because adequate and efficient cooling ensures that you can use your gaming PC for a long time. When planning a chill, always remember these basic rules:

  • Too many coolers are not yet a good option.
  • The air should flow in several directions.
  • Larger blades will always provide the best performance with less energy consumption.
  • Personalization and design – for more flexibility
  • Everyone loves nice gear – especially me!

Yes, I know some people don’t care, but an aesthetically pleasing case is a sight to behold. You also want a case that allows for customization – modularity is more and more present in gamers these days.

Modularity is the possibility of moving parts inside a case to adapt them to your components: removable cages, fans, trays, lids, supports, etc. Some manufacturers offer fully modular cases that allow the player to build a bespoke gaming rig.

Good cable management – for better air circulation

When done correctly, cable routing promotes air circulation and the aesthetics of the best airflow pc case. Some cases are easier to handle thanks to well-placed cable holes, guy wires, mounting points, and Velcro straps. Also, make sure that the case has enough space to accommodate all of your cables.

Best Budget Airflow Pc Case – FAQ’s

What is the best case of full-time gambling?

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700P, with its distinctive look, is the best full-tower gaming case on the market. It's a well-built case, and it almost feels like it was created for custom water-cooled gaming PC enthusiasts, rather than the average user.

Can a motherboard be suitable in all cases?

A lot can be said about this issue, but the most important thing to understand here is that not all motherboards are suitable in all cases. They are also named appropriately. ITX motherboards fit ITX cases, M-ATX motherboards fit anything more visible than an M - ATX case (so you can choose, an M - ATX case, an ATX case or an E-ATX case).

Will Micro-Atx be part of a full-fledged gaming business?

Full tower cases can accommodate standard ATX motherboards and accommodate smaller micro-ATX motherboards. They also have enough space to accommodate more fans and storage drives. What is the difference between a mid-turn affair and a full-turn affair? Full towers are much larger than intermediate towers. They can accommodate larger motherboards and more fans and other hardware. In general, cases of intermediate turns do not exceed 18 inches, while those of full turns exceed 22 inches.

What is the best case of an intermediate round?

The ATX mid-tower is the most common form of the best airflow pc case. We believe NZXT 's H700i is the best mid-tower case on the market right now. Its ease of construction and customization is unmatched. NZXT currently positions the H700i as a smart box with its proprietary CAM powered smart hub. The hub acts as a fan controller and an RGB LED controller, using machine learning and real-time data to strike the balance between noise and cooling your gaming PC. The H700i also comes equipped with four preinstalled fans and two RGB LED strips.

Who Makes the best airflow pc case?

Many manufacturers generate excellent business year after year. However, Corsair, NZXT, Thermaltake, and Riotoro tend to stand out with their innovative designs and modularity. Thermaltake also makes the best outdoor PC cases. When considering the best gaming PC cases on the market, it is essential that you consider the factors listed above. This will not only allow you to be satisfied and build a great gaming platform but also save you the hassle of returns. Fortunately, our list of 10 PC cases should be able to narrow down your choices and save you the hassle of combing through myriad lists. If you're on a budget, however, check out our guide to the best budget PC case.

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